Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Online Petition for Nian Ning

On the 25th January, the same old accident happened again. This time, the accident took place at Slim River in Perak. When I first read the news, my instant reaction was "Crap, not again?!. How come these morons are still on the roads driving buses? "

I remembered once in late August when I was in Johor , it was bloody difficult to get a bus ticket back to KL because the bus drivers refused to drive due to the heavy inspection by the authorities. These morons have numerous or uncountable summonses against them. Yet, 6 months down the road and all these morons are not nabbed and are still employed to drive these buses.

Alot of people I know are really disappointed with the way Malaysia's authorities work. They only work their ass off if anything major happens and within few weeks or months, some of them will end up with their favourite, "Jom, pergi minum" or "Tak apa" atitude.

I don't need to list down all the suggestions or recommendations to minimise these accidents from happening again as I believe that the Minister of Transportation can get his hardworking and smart officers to sit down over the mamak table and list down the actions that need to be taken.

As days go by, I did not keep track with the story until last Friday, a friend of mine told me that she went to Penang to pay her last respect to Nian Ning. Out of curiosity, I asked her to tell me more about the whole incident. The world is so small, eventhough I don't know Nian Ning's existence until the accident, I happened to know her boyfriend, Chung Lern through some college event when we were studying in Sunway University College.

I just felt so terrible for him. My friend told me that, Nian Ning was on her way to from Penang to KL to visit Chung Lern then the accident happened. Imagine yourself in Chung Lern's position. Waiting at the bus terminal, sending numourous smses with no reply, kept calling but network fail. I really can't imagine myself in his position. Moreover, its Chinese New Year now. Instead of celebrating the Chinese New Year, their friends, families and relatives are now mourning over the loss of a bright and wonderful girl.

Some people will say something like, "Sigh! These are God's arrangement, can't avoid one la cause its fated and bla bla bla". Hang on a minute! Is it fated that the driver must sms while driving? Is it fated that the driver happily owns 13 summons so that he can show off to his friends? What's the bloody use of a co-driver when both are sleepy-heads? Are these bus companies fated to employ these morons to drive? Are the JPJs fated to accidentally or mistakenly approve the inspection checklist of the buses? Are the owners of the bus companies fated to pay bribes so that they can continue to operate their business? Well, at least a small kid can differentiate what is fated and what is wrong!

Once my friends and I were onboard an express bus heading to Pulau Redang via Kuala Terengganu from KL. During the journey, most of us were asleep until we felt the constant swerving from left to right and right to left in the bus. Eventually one of my friend vomited, thanks to the driver. That moron drove like as if he was driving a Daytona. There's also once, I was coming back to KL from Johor, this driver was sms-ing all the way. What an idiot!

All I can do now is request for your kindness and please sign the Online Petition or visit this special blog dedicated to the 3 victims. The campaign will not stop until they get 26,000 signatures. My signature is No.7053. What bout you?

These entry is dedicated to Lee Nian Ning, Mohd Zailani and Pang Boon Eng.


Grace Tan said...

Thanks Stephen!
I'm no 5321. Hope to see more!

Cherrie said...

Mine's 1170!