Sunday, 30 November 2008

My friend, Miss C

Last Saturday, it was my 2nd visit to Phuture and I am assigned to pick up a friend whom I will name her as Miss C who can be very funny and clumsy at times. Fortunately for me, I get to experience one of those funny classic moments again. I will share the classic funny case study with you...

Miss C : Gosh..we are so late and its freaking jam in front. (At the end of Federal Highway).

Me : Yea wei, I will take another road to Zouk..pass by Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.

Miss C : Stephen, pass me your phone. Let me call Choo Soon and check if he arrive at Zouk already or not.

Me : (Not being kiamsiap but curious) Why can't you use your phone?

Miss C : You damn kiamsiap-lor. Make one phone call also cannot. So kedekut..(Showing sour face)

Me : No, I am not kiamsiap but I am just very curious why you can't use your phone but mine. Anyway..nah..take it and call Choo Soon and pls....I am not kiamsiap.

Miss C : Hehehe..My handphone low batt la..(Happily take my very user friendly phone, Nokia)

About 10-15 seconds later....

Miss C : Stephen..why you got so many friends in your phonebook one? I cannot find Choo Soon's name. There are so many people's name start with the alphabet "C" in your phone!! Arghh....

Me : What you mean by you cannot find and please don't exaggerate until like I have thousand names in my list. Can you just use the search function?? (Feeling super puzzled and weird)

Miss C : Really don't have!!!

Me : Huh?? If I can find, you better eat my phone and buy me a new one!!! (Super confident tone cause I just spoke to Choo Soon before Miss C step into my car about 30 mins ago)

Miss C : Fine..i will!!

Me : Pass me the phone and you are so going to eat my phone.

At that time, we were at the traffic light nearby Jalan Yap Kwan Seng and I stared at my phone and I was freaking stunned...

Me : Miss C!!! Why on earth are you searching for Choo Soon's name in the dictionary section?? Can't you see the words? Cabbage? Cholesterol? Chopstick? Chocolate? Oh my gotta be kidding me!!

Miss C : What the *********!!! (Laughing like there's no tomorrow)

Me : You are going to eat my phone right now!!

Miss C : (Still laughing). No wonder lar... I was thinking why you have friends with such weird names!!

Me : Sigh.. I got nothing to say about you. Damn classic and super dumb!

Anyway, this friend of mine really entertains me from time to time and I was damn happy that, I used one of the shortcut keys in my phone as the dictionary function. If not, I wouldn't be able to share this classic funny case study with you guys. Now she has yet to eat my phone and buy me a new phone.

Since then, I started calling her Miss Cholesterol and that's why I used Miss C in my case study.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Bowling Champion??

Every month when I roughly gently tear open my salary/pay slip, without fail, RM 2 is deducted for the benefit and contribution to the firm's sports club. Recently, the sports club organised a sports carnival and amongst the games, they have bowling, go-kart and futsal. Being kiasu for all the deductions made against me, immediately I gang-up a few guys and registered my names for the 3 games mentioned above.

Unfortunately, I was assigned to Sarawak for 2 weeks and the organisers brought forward the go-kart competition. Damn it!! Wasted big time because I didn't have the chance to show off my drifting skills :P

Anyway, the futsal game almost killed me because it felt like my lungs were punctured within the first half of the first game. Luckily, I have a team-mate who plays quite frequent and without him, the other teams definitely gonna kick the crap out of us. Failed to qualify for the finals but was placed 2nd in the group of 4 teams. Won 2 and lost 1.

Finally, the last game was bowling. Team event and each girl in a team will get a handicapped points of 15 for each game. There are about 20 teams and my team is the only team without females which means we don't have any handicapped points.

Hohoho...we won with an aggregrate score of knocking down 1727 pins and the 2nd place team were about 1500-1600 pins. It's so unbeliveable as I have never imagined that we will win because we have only 3 amateurs and 2 beginners who last played bowling about donkey years ago.

Hehe.. I can't wait to get my hands on the prize of RM 200 and medals but wait...RM 200 divide by 5 person...

RM 40?!?!? Ok la..still a gain for me because

Contribution to sports club
= RM 2 x 12 months
= RM 24

= RM 40-RM 24
= RM 16.00


Monday, 24 November 2008

My trip to Kuching

About two weeks ago, I just came back from Kuching and I don't have many photos to upload onto this site as I only have one day to walk around Waterfront and the places around there. I was there for work, remember?!?!

The Tua Pek Kong temple

One of the cafes facing the river named James Brooke Bistro and Cafe

The Chinese History Museum..

By the way, admission is free so if weather is melting you down, stopover at this small little museum for some cool air.

Inside view of the museum

As for lunch, we had some curry chicken pork rice with egg..

First time trying such combination

Sarawak laksa

After lunch, we decided to visit Fort Margherita which was built by Raja Charles Brooke in the 1870 to protect the city of Kuching.

Cost only 50 cents per ride~~

To get to Fort Margherita, you need to walk past some kampung houses and some bushes whereby you will encounter some 4 legged brown monster along the way..

Horsie horsie ~~~

Fort Magherita

Supposed to be some police museum whereby they showcase some old guns or rifles or some photos about how prisoners were kept at this place but when I was here, I saw only 6 identical rifles in a cabinet and that's all. When we climbed up the stairs, the rooms are empty and that's all. Admission was free but seriously, what the hell.. it was way way below my expectation and therefore, I have to leave a comment in the guestbook and leave before the guard comes back..

Seriously, no offence to Fort Margerita lovers.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

I saw the White House!!

Last week, I was in East Malaysia for an audit assignment. I get to travel from Miri and all the way downwards to Kuching as my final stop. From Miri, I had to take a 3 hour bus ride to Bintulu and it was really a fun experience. Get to see those Rumah Panjang and lands becoming "empty" due to the logging process in the timber industry.

Yup, RM 20 for a 3 hours bus ride from Miri to Bintulu

During the journey, I was too bored so I decided to take a closer look at the bus ticket and guess what is written there..

Reductions in fares to certain groups of bus users...
No8. People claiming to be "Hard Core Poor"

I am not making a joke out of this statement but I really wonder how and based on what reasons or excuses that someone will be deemed as hard core poor! Maybe you need to show the bus companies your EPF statement or bank book?

Hehehe..try going to Pudu bus station and tell them that you want fare reductions because you are hard core poor. I wonder what will happen..

Anyway, when I was in Bintulu.. guess what I saw again..

The White House!!

Barack Obama is coming to Bintulu town~~~

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Human Clones

Recently, a friend of mine told me that she is coming back to Malaysia soon and as always, we suggested that we must go club when she is back. This time, she said that I must bring a handsome guy along and if I don't, she will not go club with me. In a way, she is already telling straight to my face that I am not handsome (I agree) and she's already bored with my face. Maybe I will save up some $$ to restructure my face one day. Anyway, read the MSN conversation we had..

Miss XX sia sui says:

Miss XX sia sui says:
any leng chai or not

Ah phen @ Bintulu says:
faster wat.

Ah phen @ Bintulu says:
u think i clone humans one meh

Ah phen @ Bintulu says:
if i can..i will give u one dozen everynight.

Ah phen @ Bintulu says:

Miss XX sia sui says:

Miss XX sia sui says:

Ah phen @ Bintulu says:
haiyor..i dont mean to be so sarcastic but I cant help it..

So if you have any friends who always ask you to intro hot chicks or handsome guys to them, use my trick. It should work and keep them quiet for a moment.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Hong Kong in Sept 08

SATURDAY, 6th September

Last week, it was my first ever chance to work in Hong Kong and I was so excited about it because I get to visit Hong Kong for the 3rd time and Hong Kong always use to be a place which actually brings me alot of memories because I grew up watching TVB drama series and those gangster-gangster and Stephen Chow's crappy nonsense and entertaining movies from Hong Kong.

Nathan road

My first trip to Hong Kong was with tour and because of the packed schedule, I only managed to visit the Ladies Market (Tung Choi Street), Sport Shoes Street (Fa Yuen Street), Avenue of Stars and Disneyland. It was more of a "touch and go" trip because we were at Shenzhen for few days before the Hong Kong trip. My 2nd trip to Hong Kong in Dec 2006 was a memorable one as we celebrated New Year's eve at HK Disneyland (will blog about it when I am really free).

California fitness centre along Nathan Road

As my client is only paying for accommodation from Sunday onwards and the fact that I wanted to explore HK abit, I took a flight on Saturday, therefore I have to find my own accomodation. During my 2nd trip to HK, I stayed at ChungKing Mansion at Tsim Sha Tsui because that's where the cheapest hostels are. You can find these hostels at AirAsia's website. This time, I stayed at Vincent Guest House at Mirador Mansion, somewhere near the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station which is also very convenient for backpackers.

Upon reaching the Hong Kong International Airport, I was deciding whether to take the MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui or be adventurous abit to take the bus. Let's check out the fare first. Taking the MTR will be HK$90 (RM40.14) and the bus will be HK$33 (RM14.72). Of course, I will take a bus, save some money and eat something nice, rite? For those who wanna take bus to Tsim Sha Tsui, take the A21 bus and trust me, you won't be lost because there is computer screen which actually displays the next stops etc.


If you are planning to stay at these places, make sure you remember the building's name and the hostel that you are staying. Because there are alot of con-man hanging around the streets nearby these buildings and they will approach you (if you are carrying luggage bag) and tells you that you got the wrong address and they will take you to somewhere else if you fall for their trick. Just be brave and go ask the security guards in blue uniform about the address if you are not sure.

Super tiny bathroom

My small little room, cost only RM61 per night.

Without wasting time, I checked-in and dumped all my luggage in the room and head straight to the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station to start my adventure in Hong Kong.

Anyone wanna guess what MTR station is this?

First stop will be Sham Shui Po MTR station which are 4 stations away and it costs HK$4 (RM1.78). At Sham Shui Po MTR station,look for Exit C2 and head towards Apliu Street Flea Market because the street is well known for selling bargain-priced new and second hand electrical devices and electronic products.

While walking around the street, this stall caught my attention. This stall sells roasted chicken, roasted pork and roasted goose. It's the same as those chicken rice stalls in Malaysia but these stalls are different because of the varieties they have. Don't expect a packet of chicken with roasted pork and rice to be RM 4 or RM 5.

If I am not wrong, a packet can cost up to HK$20 and above.

The amount of people lining up to buy from this stall is unbelievable.

This place is like our very own Plaza Low Yatt, just that this place is more cramp and packed.

My first meal for the day in Hong Kong.

Instant noodle served with fried egg and pork chop and ice milk tea, HK$23 (RM10.25).

One of the shopping centres in Sham Sui Po.

Second stop will be the famous Mongkok MTR station (Exit D3), whereby Ladies Market and Sports Shoes Street are located. At the Ladies Market, you can find bags, accessories and inexpensive women's clothing. There are also toys and souvenirs such as T-shirts etc for sale. As a general rule, if you are interested in an item, you can ask for about price and when please think twice before you counter offer. I had a friend who offered to buy a pair of shoes at a price and when the seller agrees, she changed her mind and decided not to buy. She was scolded by the auntie and I thought it was really funny the way she "scolded" my friend.

Ladies Market (Tung Choi Street)

Krispy-Kreme for donut lovers.

The Sports Shoe Street is actually beside the Ladies Market street so once you see a street whereby all the shops are selling sports shoes, jerseys, sports accessories and etc, you know you are at the Fa Yuen Street. Make sure you get yourself a few pairs of shoes here because its cheaper compared to the shops in KL and there alot more choices. All genuine stuff. Can't bargain unless there isn't any price tag around the product. Besides that, you can find alot of restaurants and stalls selling interesting food.

Sports Shoe Street (Fa Yuen Street).

I bought myself a pair of Nike shoes at HK$ 341 (RM 152) and when compared to the price in One Utama yesterday, they are selling for RM 199.00

Next, I walked from Mongkok and all the way to Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui for about 30-45 minutes. For those who don't know how far, you can click here.

Andy Lau's handprint

Avenue of Stars
It was around 11pm by the time I reached back the hostel and I grabbed a quick supper at a nearby McDonald restaurant and starts planning for tomorrow's journey with all the tourist booklets I got from when I reached the airport.

SUNDAY, 7th September

As I need to check out by 12pm, I woke up around 930am to take the MTR to Jordan Station from Tsim Sha Tsui. Take the Exit A and look for G/F, 63 Temple Street where you can find this famous Mido Cafe, which has retained its interior design and furnishings for 60 years. If you can't find this cafe, ask around or find the Tin Hou Temple and its just beside the Mido Cafe.

Mido Cafe

Try their famous egg tarts, milk tea and coffee, baked rice with pork ribs, and iced red bean and lotus seed drink as those mentioned above are all its signature dishes. Do come early as places are limited unless you don't mind waiting.

Hot bun stuffed with Butter (Bor Law Yau)

The Baked Pork Rice

I forgot how much was my breakfast but its defintely not cheap too, but worth giving it a try for a local breakfast "feel". Right across the Mido Cafe, this is the Tin Hau Temple I was talking about.

Where the senior citizens compete with each other in a "bloody battle" of chess games and catching up sessions..

After checking out, I took a 15 minutes walk to the Star Ferry Pier for a ferry ride to Wan Chai. My destination is actually to the Park Lane Hotel which is located at Causeway Bay but if I were to take the MTR straight to Causeway Bay, I will need to pay HK$10.50 (RM4.68) and since I have the time, I decided to walk to Star Ferry Pier and take a 10 minute ferry ride to Wan Chai which only cost HK$2.20 (RM1.03) and along the way, I saw the Clock Tower..

Star Virgo..

Star Ferry Pier

Ferry ticket vending machine

Picture taken from the waiting hall and that's the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.

People rushing to get into the ferry

Air-conditioned room at the front of the ferry.

Upon reaching the Wan Chai Ferry Pier, you will see the bus terminal. Those who want to go Shenzhen, you can take a bus here. As for me, I went straight to the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre and Golden Bauhinia Square to snap some pictures.

Golden Bauhinia Square. Click here for more information on the GBS.

There are only a few ice-cream vans of this kind left in Hong Kong. Famous for their super soft ice-cream (HK$7 or RM 3.12)

After snapping some pictures around, I was on my way again to the Wan Chai MTR station to take a train to the Causeway Bay (HK$4). Along the way, I saw this famous 3 letter words..

Lee Kum Kee, the famous oyster sauce.

When I came out from the Causeway Bay MTR station, I was so shocked to see the streets at Causeway Bay packed with Indonesians and I suddenly felt like I am in Jakarta as I could understand their language as I walked past them.

Sunday is actuall their day off and these Indonesian maids are out meeting their friends and doing some shopping in Sogo and Times Square or have picnic at the Victoria Park.

Weather was freaking hot and it was a good sweat out session. After I checked-in into my hotel, I was too lazy to go out again and decided to rest awhile until my stomach feels hungry.

The view from my hotel room.

Around 5pm, I went out to explore the area around my hotel until I saw this small little restaurant which this famous traveller ate at this restaurant before..

Let's give it a try

Wan Tan Mee with "ping pong size" Wan Tans (HK$28 or RM 12.49)

After the meal, I took another few steps and I saw this bakery shop selling fresh egg tarts.. Should I buy?

Of course, I should buy

Super delicous HK$5 (RM2.23) egg tart.

Watching movies at cinema ain't cheap too, the price is about HK$70 (RM31.22) and early birds need to pay about HK$40 (RM17.84) on weekdays. For the remaining hours of the day, I met up with my client and another colleague and we had dinner at nearby Japanese resturant and walked around before taking an early rest so that we don't feel tired at work the next day.

MONDAY, 8th September

Our office are located ontop of a shopping complex called the CityPlaza One at TaiKoo Shing. Having lunch here and almost everywhere is crazy, you have to make reservation and if you don't, be prepared to stay back for OT because I am pretty sure you will be back late into the office after lunch. The 3 of us had our early lunch around 1155am and ate at a Chinese restaurant which the bill comes up to HK$440 (RM 196.24). We had claypot chicken, dim sums, fried rice, vegetables and some pork meat.
As for dinner, we had

Porridge with alot of oysters..

Hong Kong kai-lan

Not chicken or fish fillet

Squid actually...taste damn bloody good

Recycled chicken head...

Dinner was HK$215 (RM 95.89) , so you judge for yourself if the food is expensive or not.

TUESDAY, 9th September
Since one of my colleague has never been to Hong Kong, I took her to Avenue of Stars to watch the Symphony of Lights before going to the Mongkok for dinner. At Mongkok, we had Wan Tan Noodles again.


After our dinner, we walked around the Ladies Market and Sports Shoe Street before going into this famous dessert shop called Hui Lau Shan.

Coconut with bird nest...HK$48 (RM21.40)

My Mango Pudding in Mango Juice with extra Mango..HK$30 (RM13.38)

WEDNESDAY, 10th September

Lunch was at Food Republic and I had roasted goose with roasted pork

HK$40 (RM17.84)

For dinner, we had ramen at Crystal Jade in Times Square and after that, we went to somewhere nearby where its famous for the..

Crispy bun with condensed Milk (Around HK$ 11 or RM 4.90)

Crispy pork chop bun (HK$22 or RM 9.81)

Very good stuff. Sorry, I don't have the address :P

THURSDAY, 11th September

Dinner was at Mongkok this time. We went to this special restaurant called the Modern Toilet Restaurant. This restaurant resembles a washroom, having ice cream served in a container shaped like a squat toilet or brownie and spaghetti served in a container shaped like a wash basin.

At Mongkok MTR Station, look for Exit E2.

Ask around for Room 3B, MPM, 240-244 Portland Street, Mongkok.

Everyone sitting on toilet bowls.

Tadaa~~~my "Spare Ribs in Wuxi Style".

Black Tea with Ice Cream

Fried Chicken Wings..HK$25 (RM11.15)

Seafood Steamboat..HK$82 (RM36.57)

On our way back, we went to KFC as their egg tarts are also highly recommended by one of my client's staff. And she wasn't lying, this egg tart really taste damn good.

HK$5.50 (RM2.45)

FRIDAY, 12th September

Before leaving for the Hong Kong International Airport, I bought 48 egg tarts from the Macau Restaurant and each egg tart costs HK$7 (RM3.12) before heading to Central's IFC Mall to take the Airport Express train to the Airport. One way is HK$100 (RM44.60).

I "lup" the egg tarts :P