Saturday, 23 June 2007

Hau Xiang Lai Steamboat, SS2

On Saturday evening, I had dinner with my "superstar" Grace Tan and Kok Fai at Hau Xiang Lai Steamboat (HXLS) at SS2. The restaurant is located behind Angel's Cake House and it's facing residential area.

First of all, this steamboat is kinda special because of their soup. Normally, you will only find steamboat restaurants serving only Tom Yam Soup and Chicken Soup (Ching Thong). One thing that separates HXLS with the other steamboat restaurants is that they serve BAK KUT TEH (BKT) soup. Sounds yummy for BKT lovers. Reason being is because the next shop beside which is connected, sells Teo Chew Bah Kut Teh.
Grace Tan and Kok Fai have not tried BKT steamboat before so we decided to have Tom Yam and BKT as the soup for our steamboat dinner. Bottom one is Tom Yam soup while the top one is BKT.

So we ordered a 3 person pax steamboat (RM13.00 per pax) and here is our big plate of raw fishballs, meatballs, vege etc.. Besides that, they also give Yee Mee, Mee Hoon, Wan Tan Noodle and of course, 3 eggs for 3 pax. You have the options to combine whichever noodle you want.

Probably you'll wonder what is the Yau Cha Kuai doing there. HXLS also offers plates of various food for you to add into your steamboat. We took Yau Chai Kwai (RM1.20), bacon (RM2.00) and wan tan (RM2.00). They have sausages, different kind of vegetables, prawns, crabs and etc etc for you to add into your steamboat.

My small bowl of Tom Yam and please eat with their chilli paste. It's super chun!!
Have you tried Bak Kut Teh with noodle, egg , bacon etc etc??

One more chunt-ed friend, Sze Mun taught me this. Remove the noodles from the bowl using your chopsticks and hang them in the air for few seconds to let the soup drip back into the bowl and then place your noodles onto your plate. Then add the "golden brown garlic oil" (Top right of the picture) onto the noodles. Stir well and eat!!! Yes, it sounds oily but come on, these are the ingredients that make your food delicious!!

On top of that, after you pay the bill, they will serve you ice cream. Well, small scoop only-lar. Here comes the bill, RM 50.61. Each person please pay Kok Fai RM 16.87. I forgot to take picture of the ice cream because got uncle and auntie standing behind us waiting for our table.

Definitely one of my favourite hang out place for dinner. Next time I will try the BKT and then blog about it.

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